Halah Al Juhaishi

25 years old young spatial designer, based in Paris. Graduated of a Global Design research & Innovation Master

I like to mix functionality and poetry in my work. A good design has to be functional, simple, and easy to handle. Poetry comes to give consistency to this design, to the use and understanding of it. I like to approach my work with a plastic research, it is a way of apprehending space, to create a unique experience, a spatial experience, kind of relationship between the visitor and the surrounding environment. Design is a way to make people's daily better, it brings them comfort, but also, it is a way-out of their everyday life, a manner to make them travel, to pulsate each one of their five senses. 


February 2020 /

Working in refugee camp as workshops and animations planner around art & culture. HUDA / Antony

November 2019 /

Prize winner jury special mention for the pli public workshop exhibition. Pavillon de l'Arsenal - Paris (from 29 November until 12 January 2020) 


November 2019 /

Production of "ru - iinhiar" project at Tactile Studio - Pantin.

August - November 2019 /

3D Conception designer at Tactile Studio - Pantin.


April - June 2019 /

Free-lance mission at Tactile Studio - Pantin.

December 2018 /

Free-lance at 1024 architecture : reproduction of a miniature installation "Square Cube" for an exhibition - Paris.

June 2018 / 

Designer assistant at 1024 architecture : scenography and organisation of "rêve Electro" exhibition at the Philharmonie of Paris - Paris.


November 2017 /

Proposal for a call for projects by the 18th City Council for the organization of a Public Place - Paris.


April 2017 / 

Designer assistant at Lab[au] : Design, manufacture & various artworks installations. Organization and management of two exhibitions - Brussels.

August 2016 /

Assistant at Tessier Poncelet architecture : work on apartment projects : 3D / Plans  - Paris.

June 2015 /

Designer assistant at Al Masoudi consulting engineering : plan and 3D execution - Abou Dabi. Irak