Refugee camp in Erbil

Following the conflicts in Syria and Iraq, we were entrusted with the design of an emergency camp to help Iraqi and Syrian refugees. It was decided to set up this camp in Erbil, an independent, free and secure area of ​​Iraqi Kurdistan, where many refugee camps are located. It is a transit camp to help these refugees to recover, to stabilize and to re-integrate themselves. The work is focused on the oriental culture in order to preserve the relationship that these people have with their roots.
The camp is built with recycled materials existing on site, plastic bags and wooden pallets, while drawing inspiration from traditional materials.
We wanted a functional camp that does not distort their culture to facilitate the appropriation of this place, as well as their psychological and social insertion. The camp organization revolves around activities and communications aimed at encouraging interaction with outside populations, particularly in Erbil city.

Emergency Design
Global Design research
and innovation mastere
Designed in collaboration with : 
Ange Bonetti, Valentin Jabaud, Lucile Peron & Inès Rolet 
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