Opening a Nike Home section

Project in collaboration with Pixelis Agency
Nike invests in everyday life by offering a range of nike home products / indoor equipment. It reinvests her technical knowledge and her research for performance to develop a hyper-comfort. You can find a range of indoor clothing as well as furniture or office accessories and other essential habitat.
Our base for this range is the senior target and analysis of their daily practice. However, the range is designed to extend to a wider target.
For the launch the brand offers three obvious items: Nike A.Slipper a slipper that revisits the Charantaise, Nike A.Clock an energy clock and Nike Mr.Grown a bathrobe that becomes your everyday indoor clothing. For the launch Nike offers the Nike Room logement, a domestic space where you can try the products.

Interior Design
Global Design research
and innovation mastere
Designed in collaboration with :
Laura Colliot, Anne Leinot, Flora Ridolfi & Aurélien Cattin 

Nike A. Sleeper

Nike Mr. Grown

Nike A. Clock

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