Installation at the Pavillon de l'Arsenal - Paris

Partitions rise on this proposed installation. Guided by various orientations, between reality and fiction, truth and illusion. These layers of memories pile up and overlap, fade and accentuate, offering a double reading: one intact; the second altered, in a state of advanced ruin. ru - iinhiar expresses a memory that changes, transforms, and spoils, superimposing information. Worry, concern, hallucination, temptation, disturbance, fear, phobia and anxiety ... Through this installation, I materialize the quest for memory and identity that almost always drives me, restoring by this material, memories that do not come back to me only after I returned to Iraq, where I was born.

These past memories, are they really mine or pure creations of my mind? To these troubled memories is added a particular interest in my initial culture. My way of creating is imbued with my roots, tinged with my story. I intuitively move towards Middle Eastern architecture as if to compensate for this incomplete memory. The memory then becomes a medium of conception, and creation a tool of reconciliation.

Competition Award
In collaboration with :
Pli - Pli public workshop 

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